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Mistakes to avoid in decorating a couple

Mistakes to avoid in decorating a couple

When two people move in under the same roof, they bring their tastes, their suitcases and their desires but it is still necessary to manage to coordinate the respective desires. To help you create a decor for two, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

The decor should not be the choice of one person

When there are two of you, there is often a personality that stands out and that is the problem. Even if one of the couple's partners is not necessarily interested in the decoration and gives carte blanche to their spouse, it is really important that everyone takes part in the project. Indeed, those who do not participate risk not succeeding in feeling at home and, worse, may not like the created universe. At least agree on an atmosphere and consult your partner before a major purchase to be sure that the decor will suit everyone.

It is not recommended to impose your choices

On the contrary, if you both have very strong personalities, imposing your choices is not the right solution either. To feel good in your new space, it is important that everyone put their own into it. Also, try to find common ground when it comes to style. On the object side, be conciliatory and accept your partner's favorite piece on condition that he does the same.

Avoid overly feminine universes

For a decor that corresponds to your couple, it is obvious that we must avoid universes that are too feminine. So prefer mixed universes or bet on feminine accessories while avoiding the total look. For example, avoid painting a wall in pink or create a boudoir atmosphere if you are in a relationship.

Do not neglect the dressing room

In order to avoid problems in the morning in front of the dressing room, it is important that it is a space where everyone can benefit from their storage. It is not always a good idea to mix clothes because you probably do not have the same way of managing your business. Also, the best is to opt for a dressing room with double storage so that everyone can invest one side and have enough space for their clothes.

Remember that everyone needs the bathroom

The bathroom is not a feminine temple! If girls are often accused of spending a lot of time in the bathroom, it must be understood that it is also a room reserved for men. Again, as with the dressing room, care is taken to leave room for the gentleman's products. Do not hesitate to opt for small storage columns where everyone can benefit from a drawer.