Very decorative patterns for a chalet atmosphere

Very decorative patterns for a chalet atmosphere

Winter pushes us to stay indoors… and that's good! The perfect opportunity to concoct a cozy nest in a mountain style to better appreciate the frost and get away on snowy peaks without leaving your sofa.

Tradition and sweetness

Choose throws, bed linen, household linen, cushions and crockery decorated with patterns in the shape of snowflakes, reindeer heads, cows or even fir trees and forests. The heart is also a very trendy motif in a mountain style atmosphere. You can in particular cover your chairs with fabrics displaying this emblem of love. The Vichy pattern will also look great in the kitchen or on your bed.

Natural and soft materials

To compose your chalet atmosphere, it is impossible to ignore the favorite material: wood. Go on very trendy rustic furniture that you can hunt for. Opt for benches and an XXL table. To add character to your style, you can combine wood with stone, metal or even slate. On the linen side, set course for cozy and warm materials such as flannel, angora wool, cashmere, or Alpaca wool.

Color sets the mood

Combine your honey-colored furniture and your natural coatings by choosing your objects in shades of red, green, white or even chocolate and gray.