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Japanese dolls decorate little girls' room

Japanese dolls decorate little girls' room

Traditional Japanese dolls, better known as Kokeshis, arrive in the little girls' room in a burst of poetry. 1 and a half centuries after their creation, they have become true child icons, available today in many decorative accessories for toddlers. Presentation.

Presentation of the Kokeshi

It was in the north of Japan in the Tohoku region that the first Kokeshis were born, handcrafted wooden children's dolls whose cylindrical body and round head clearly recall the look of skittles. If at that time, they already represented wise and smiling little girls, it was not until the end of the Second World War that they became dyed in pretty colors and poetic patterns. Since then, they have grown a lot! More than dolls, Kokeshis have become a fully-fledged decorative motif that is more and more coveted among the under 10s.

The Kokeshi in the decoration of little girls

Today, the figurines are not the only ones to pay homage to Japanese dolls. Stickers, carpets, cushions, bed linen, canvases or piggy banks take a big bow. Evocative of gaiety, sweetness and candor, the Kokeshis have the wind in their sails in the bedroom of the young ladies, ideal for perfecting their decor! Our favorites ? The rugs signed Fly, the stickers from and the real dolls at Kimmidoll!