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Green drinking!

Green drinking!

To satisfy your thirst for green consumption, drink ecol'eau! In recycled glass, ceramic, bamboo, disposable and biodegradable ... discover our selection of containers for tea time, lunch, aperitif or picnic.


At Ekobo, the specialist in eco-design in bamboo, the glasses and bowls in bright colors are handcrafted. Always bamboo in the mojito shopper kit on, a bamboo pestle and blown glasses in Europe.

Green disposable

For your nature picnics, why not use disposable and eco-friendly glasses? You will find various materials, in particular reed and bagasse fiber, recovered during the pressing of sugar cane. Result: the glasses are fully biodegradable.


Our selection does not forget traditional materials, with a ceramic cup for tea or coffee made by Spanish designers, a glass in recycled glass with shiny metal finish for the little extra decoration or a duet of champagne flutes always in recycled glass.


The bottle marks its comeback with the very media Sigg in 100% recyclable aluminum. Made in Switzerland since 1908, these ultra resistant gourds do not alter the taste and do not produce residues.