A four-poster bed for my bedroom

A four-poster bed for my bedroom

Do you have an irresistible desire for romantic decor? It may be time to consider a canopy bed to replace your eternal classic frame… Updated to date, this icon of rooms of princes and princesses will give yours a majestic and refined air.

A vintage look

Because it reminds us of the image of the nobles of yesteryear, who slept there under a sky of sheers, curtains and drapes, the four-poster bed has something enchanting, acting on us like a winding machine time. However, this prestigious piece of furniture, intended at the time to conserve heat and create a real corner of intimacy, does not belong only to the past! Today, it is revisited in much more modern seams to meet the desires of charm and romance in the decor of the bedroom.

The modern version canopy bed

No more canopy bed hidden by thick velvet curtains! Now, he proudly reveals his frame, whether it is made of wood for a natural spirit, bamboo for a more exotic look, wrought iron in a soft and feminine bedroom or even in black wenge for a more masculine look. We want it overflowing with pillows and decorated with simple fine curtains in the border or at the head of the bed. And for an even more contemporary decor, we leave it bare, because even without a covering, the canopy bed modern version presides over the room and captivates us at first sight…