Coffee color in the living room

Coffee color in the living room

Coffee break in the decor! This winter, we sting with espresso, cappuccino, mocha, café au lait or hot chocolate, their color. A delicious anti-blues palette to consume urgently to warm the living room!

The browns warm up the decor

The brown hues appear as a miracle cure for the cold of winter. From cappuccino to coffee with milk through darker or lighter chestnuts, tending to gray or red, we do not hesitate to explore this wide hot range by simply changing the shade. In the decor, this color code is evocative of a masculine, sober and warm universe in which it is good to curl up…

The colors with which we associate them

Who says brown decoration says some golden rules to remember when it comes to color association! Look, if the living room furniture is made of wood, we avoid the woody shade for the walls, the sofa or the decorative accessories at the risk of obtaining a bland atmosphere. On the contrary, it is better to favor the shock of opposites by choosing a color that contrasts with the furniture for a more sustained rendering. If you are looking to soften the space, think of natural colors such as linen or twine that elegantly coexist with brown tones.