Deer warm up the decor

Deer warm up the decor

Today the deer in the decor is no longer reserved for lovers of hunting and forest life. Revisited, diverted (often with humor), the deer came out of the woods and became trendy decorative objects. In a contemporary version or for a mountain style, for adults but also for children, deer are everywhere and invite us to follow them in a landscape worthy of fairy tales.

In hunting trophy

If the real hunting trophy gave us chills, we have fun today with imaginary and reinvented hunting trophies. Some are only intended to bring a decorative element to your wall like the Big Game wooden deer trophy or the Siléa decorative aluminum deer, and others have a useful function like the Fleux deer coat hook or the memo board. Kidslab. As proof that it no longer scares anyone, the deer trophy is even invited in our children's room like that of Bibib & Co.

For a chalet atmosphere

If a hunting trophy is not enough for you, know that the deer declines and finds its place on many other decorative objects. In number, the deer are often represented to give a particular and warm atmosphere which evokes the mountain ranges. They can thus be found on cushions, andirons, furniture or sconces.

Christmas decoration

Finally, once a year, the deer comes out of the woods to slip into our Christmas decorations. It will then warm our interior with small decorative objects to hang or illuminate our exterior with light tubes.