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Urban art trend in the teenage bedroom

Urban art trend in the teenage bedroom

If the "New York" trend does not give up its leadership position among teenagers, the other urban trend that appeals to young people very much is the "street art" movement. It is therefore no coincidence that they choose paintings, stickers and posters like graffiti, tags and mosaics to decorate the walls of their room. Focus on this decorative style with a strong character.

Street Art success…

The "Street Art" movement has become a real phenomenon, as demonstrated by the success of Bansky's film, one of the most important urban art figures released last year: "Make the wall", or more recently, the exhibition dedicated to Space Invader, author of mosaics inspired by video games from the 70s that he affixes in the biggest cities of the world.

… To the decor in the teenagers' bedroom

The democratization of Street Art has led to the entry of this artistic movement into decoration. If we now find lamps, bed linen or even plinths like tags or graffiti, street art invests most often, as is the case in cities, walls. Teenagers therefore appropriate tables, posters, stickers and even wall puzzles displaying the works of this urban art. The rendering looks great, we love it.