Maison & Objet: focus on the course of inspiration

Maison & Objet: focus on the course of inspiration

On January 20, the Maison & Objet trade fair opened its doors in order to introduce professionals to all the innovations in the world of the house. And to set the tone, the three trendsetters Elizabeth Leriche, François Bernard and Vincent Grégoire each proposed a scenography to give their vision of the trend. For this edition, the course of inspiration is "crazy"! Decryption.

Dream Box by Elizabeth Leriche

To illustrate the "crazy" theme, Elizabeth Leriche immerses us in imaginary worlds where desires and fears mingle. The scenography takes the form of a corridor placed under the sign of illusion with mirrors on the walls and stripes on the floors. Doors open onto rooms, each more unexpected than the last. In one room, the wallpaper comes to life under a play of light in order to bring the walls to life, and in another the furniture plays with dimensions in the manner of Alice in Wonderland's story. A spooky universe like an exploration of the possibilities of dreams.

Art'keting by François Bernard

For François Bernard, "Crazy" is like being crazy about art! The interiors then become a real crazy carnival where you assume your difference. Our daily life is amazed by hyper-personalized and unexpected objects. We find very offbeat colors, anachronistic objects like canvas sculptures and odds and ends like Playmobil in a coffee table. The house is a work of art, to your taste!

Sweet Freaks by Vincent Grégoire

At Vincent Grégoire, eccentricity takes precedence! Make way for the imagination in a zany and whimsical delirium. We accumulate and divert objects to create a real cave of wonders like scenography immersed in subdued light where to discover incredible objects. The tables are sumptuous and objects litter the floor to develop the imagination like a cabinet of curiosities. Discover the scenographies in pictures: