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Video: how to make a chic bouquet?

Video: how to make a chic bouquet?

It's hard to do without an elegant floral touch to perfect your winter decor! The magic formula? Marry prestigious flowers chosen in creamy white tones with silver brunia, a flower bearing pretty little gray balls in place of petals, and catkins, branches whose buds emerging in winter look like cotton! Let's not forget a few branches of eucalyptus to flesh out this exceptional bouquet, an enchanting twist… Follow the instructions!

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Level: easy Completion time : 5 - 10 minutes Indicative cost: 50 € Necessary material : eucalyptus branches (large and small leaves) + cream Taléa roses + white amaryllis + brunia sylver + kitten

Steps :

- Cut the kitten, 50 cm long, in 2 - Remove the thorns and strip the roses by pulling with a cloth on the stem - Carefully remove the protective sepals from the amaryllis - Cut the end of their stem and place them in a vase because these fragile flowers mark quickly when they are laid flat - Start building your bouquet starting from an amaryllis - Surround it with eucalyptus foliage to maintain it well, taking care not to tighten too much - Perform a slight rotation in your hand while you place the different components of the bouquet - Place the kitten making it protrude from the bouquet - Place the roses - Cut the stems evenly - Tie the bouquet with rafia so as not to damage the amaryllis - Place it in a nice vase The most decorative: if your vase is transparent, leave the kittens at their natural height (about 50 cm). Thus, they will not only exceed the bouquet, but in addition, they will be clearly visible from the side of the stems so as to sublimate them! Creation and flowers: Watercolor