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Dress the kitchen walls at low prices

Dress the kitchen walls at low prices

To decorate the kitchen at a lower cost, do not hesitate to use the wall surface! And to help you revamp this piece without breaking the bank, here are our tips!

Shelves and decorative accessories on the walls

To dress your walls while opting for a practical solution, you can bet on shelves on which you can store some accessories. Choose invisible fixing shelves and do not hesitate to multiply them to create a graphic effect. Likewise, you can bet on colored shelves to brighten up the room. Finally also think of decorative objects that attach to the wall like coat hooks or decorative letters.

Paint to color the walls

And why not create very decorative walls with paint? In the kitchen, you can opt for an original color on at least one wall to energize the space. But if you want something more fun, consider slate paint or magnetic paint.

Stickers to animate the walls

And for the walls to become real life-size images, we can also have fun with the stickers! There are multiple models on the theme of cooking with quotes or reproductions of fruits and vegetables. Discover our selection of accessories to decorate the kitchen at low prices.