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Mistakes to Avoid in Nursery

Mistakes to Avoid in Nursery

To welcome baby as it should be, we prepare a small, cozy and very decorative nest! And to start on a good basis, we avoid some mistakes in order to offer your baby a perfect room.

Avoid overly bright colors

The baby room must be reassuring and very soft! Also, it is not recommended to choose colors that are too bright and aggressive to promote baby's sleep. So avoid red, orange, green and all colors in an overly tart shade. However, favor soft and pastel colors that bring calm to the room. If you still want to brighten up the room with something more dynamic, for example have a strip of patterned wallpaper on a wall of the room.

Don't fall for blue and pink

When we think of a color for the nursery, it is often blue for little boys and pink for little girls! Well, it's not just these colors! Indeed, natural colors are very trendy. You can use white, cream or mole in the bedroom. The most trendy color right now is gray because it brings a lot of softness to the room and exists in many shades.

Do not favor carpet

The nursery must be practical to maintain and present the maximum of hygiene. Also, even if one might think that the carpet will be cozy, it is better to favor vinyl, parquet or cork to avoid allergies. To bring warmth to the room, prefer a small carpet!

Remember to be practical

Regarding the layout of the baby room, think that everything is very practical! Promote good circulation in the room to be comfortable with the baby in the arms. Move the bed away from the window to keep baby as warm as possible and place the changing table close enough to the bed to avoid long journeys. Consider having an armchair near the bed to give bottles at night, for example.

Beware of materials

Finally, always be sure to choose natural materials for the baby's room to preserve his health. You can choose ecological paint and a natural coating like cork. Similarly, there is furniture that takes special care with the glues and solvents used.