What status for creators?

What status for creators?

If you are a designer and want to sell your items, you will need to register with an organization that will allow you to be paid for your work and give you access to Social Security. Here are some tips for choosing the right designer status.

Auto entrepreneur

The status of auto-entrepreneur allows you to create a micro-enterprise thanks to simplified means of launching. You can also acquire your status directly online. This status allows you to earn up to 32,600 euros per year for service provision activities and 81,500 euros for merchandise sales activities. When you are a self-employed person, you can have a salary activity. The main advantage of this status is that you will not pay charges if you do not collect money. > More info on

The House of Artists

The Maison des Artistes is an organization approved by the State. Membership of this association allows the administrative management of plastic and graphic arts activities and to register for the Social Security scheme for artist authors. You will also benefit from support in your professional career with help and assistance. This scheme is intended for painters, designers, engravers, sculptors, plastic artists, upholsterers, graphic designers, ceramists…> More information on


Agessa is an organization approved by the Ministries of Health and Culture. It thus allows authors to benefit from benefits from the general social security scheme. This organization is aimed at writers, authors and composers of music, in the branches of cinema and television but also in photography. > More info on