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Magnets to customize the refrigerator

Magnets to customize the refrigerator

If you are tired of your refrigerator breaking the harmony of your kitchen, there is a cheap way to give it a new look: dress it up with magnets. Travel souvenirs, patterns or fun shapes, these little magnetic little things have a lot of character! What transform the fridge with fantasy in two stages three movements. So why deprive yourself of it?

Very playful little accessories

When they do not come straight out of the cereal packages, the magnets play it deco. Round, square, flat or in relief, they bend to all styles, even taking playful forms, such as that of a character, an object or a monument. Purchased following an exhibition, a particular event or during a trip, these small magnetic accessories even become witnesses of our memories or our favorites! Still with this idea of ​​personalizing the kitchen, we can also turn to magnets in the form of photo frames or simply hang a photograph or a word between two magnets.

XXL magnets

Larger but just as decorative, the XXL magnets are intended to completely cover the refrigerator. Flags, reproduction of works of art, playful patterns or giant slates hide the boring white of classic household appliances. Small or big magnets, it's up to you!